Friday, November 6, 2009

My dream of driving has become a reality. Yesterday at about 1:30 pm I passed the driving test for my Driver's Permit. Oh man, I could have flown; if mom had told me to jump the Empire State Building I would have.

It all happened so fast: One minute I was answering questions on the computer and the next I was staring at a screen that said "applicant passed with 20 right and 2 wrong." I was so dazed I just sat there for a couple of seconds. When I finally did get up I must have looked confused 'cause the first thing mom said was "What happened?" To which I replied "Uhh I think I passed."

Anyway they told me I'd passed with a score of 91%. Then took my picture, and handed me my permit.
So now- as long as mom or dad is with me- I can drive. Hurrah!

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