Tuesday, September 8, 2009

I Love to Read. Part 2

I love to read is finally finished.
I now give you I love to read part 2

I love to read of made up worlds;
Lands of story and song.
Of Elven swords and banners furled,
And ashwood lances keen and long.

I love to read of magic lands,
Of hoary mountains tall and cold.
Of vast and trackless shifting sands
And forests mighty of old.

I love to read of High Elven lords,
Of Dwarvish warriors or wandering men.
Of battles against the evil hoards,
And of journeys through forest and fen.

I love to see the faces again
Of the peoples in these stories.
For I've journeyed with them joy and pain,
And watched them earn their glory.


  1. Nice, Will. How many different books that you've read played a part in writing this poem?